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bruce erley


For more than 40 years, Bruce has shared his insights and thought leadership on event marketing and sponsorship trends and topics. In addition to contributing to industry publications, Bruce is a regular contributor to IFEA's iE Magazine, through his quarterly column, The Sponsor Doc. Many of his columns can be found here.

A Good Problem To Have (Fall, 2023)

What do you do when you have an offer out to a new sponsor in a specific category and the prior sponsor decides to renew. This will take some special handling.


You Want Me To Sell How Much? (Summer, 2023)

I have explained many times that as sales goals are speculative, I generally set sponsorship revenue goals as a percentage increase over the prior year.


Harnessing the Power of Relationships (Spring, 2023)

I see my role as a matchmaker…brokering win-win relationships between an event and a sponsor that mutually achieves both our objectives symbiotically.


Sponsorship - Timing is Everything (Winter, 2022)

Approximately 65% of publicly traded companies operate on a calendar-based fiscal year that runs from January until December.


Reflections on a Career Selling Sponsorship (Summer, 2022)

I was asked to share some of my thoughts and reflections on a career selling sponsorship. Frankly, it’s too long for one column so this is Part I. I hope you find it helpful.


What Does Your Crystal Ball Tell You? (Winter, 2021)

Let me preface my thoughts with this…as I looked back at my predictions over the past two years, I would say that I have been correct a little more than 50% of the time.


Sponsorship - The Road to Recovery (Summer, 2021)

I would begin by taking the temperature in your own community. Have you set your 2021 dates? Are other events coming back?


The Survey Says . . . (Winter, 2020)

The tabulation provided an insightful view into what we might expect in the year ahead. I wanted to provide you with my topline observations.


And the Gold Pinnacle Award for Best COVID Sponsor Cancellation Goes To (Fall, 2020)

At a time like this, what I say, do, and convey will have more to do with our recovery than anything else.


Perspective and Advice (Summer, 2020)

I wanted to put to use my 40+ years of experience in the festival and special events world.


How Hard Can It Be? (Spring, 2020)

Just a few weeks ago, only a couple of days after we successfully completed a major event for a client, we were abruptly informed thatn our agreement to continue to represent the event, would not be extended.


Show Me The Money! (Winter, 2019)

When you are contracting with a sponsor, the payment dates and terms should be spelled out in the agreement.


Should You Date While You Are Married to a Sponsor? (Fall, 2019)

I know that prospecting for sponsors when you already have one in place, feels a bit like dating other people just in case your marriage doesn’t work out.


Get Social with Your Sponsors (Spring, 2019)

According to their most recent sponsor survey, 42% of sponsors report that their presence in a property’s digital, social and mobile platforms is a key expectation.


Yes, Sponsor Sales Is Hard (Winter, 2018)

We can find the perfect prospect…Do our homework and come up with an ideal brand connection…Develop killer activations…Craft a proposal that is persuasive and compelling…Make a presentation that should receive a standing ovation…And still get rejected!


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