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bruce erley


For more than 40 years, Bruce has shared his insights and thought leadership on event marketing and sponsorship trends and topics. In addition to contributing to industry publications, Bruce is a regular contributor to IFEA's iE Magazine, through his quarterly column, The Sponsor Doc. Many of his columns can be found here.

The Care and Feeding of Sponsors (Fall, 2018)

I always try to keep top of mind that the better we meet and exceed our sponsors’ expectations, the more likely they are to renew following our event.


Researching: Prospective Sponsors (Spring, 2018)

The first thing is to develop a list of the types of businesses that you think would have a natural interest in your event based either upon the theme of the event or the profile of your audience.


Renewals - The Gift That Keeps On Giving (Winter, 2017)

To most people, autumn means falling leaves, Spiced Pumpkin Lattes at Starbucks and family outings to the nearby pumpkin patch.


Marijuana Sponsorship – Picking Your Way Through The Weeds (Fall 2017)

Medical and recreational marijuana have been legal in Colorado for more than three years.


There's An App for That (Summer 2017)

Counting Heads: Providing accurate attendance for live, ungated events has been a perennial problem for event producers.


The Future of Festivals in a Virtual World (Spring 2017)

We have to recognize that festivals can be considered “old school,” in this fast moving, tech-savvy society in which we live.


It’s All About The Audience (Summer 2016)

From your letter, I need to assume that you are not conducting audience surveys at your event each year. If that is the case, you are not alone, but this is something you need to change this year!


What’s With Those Millennials? (Spring 2016)

I would think that as my wife and I raised three full-functioning Millennials (now aged 30, 29 and 27), this would be intuitive for me, but it is not.


Are Awards Worth It? (Fall 2015)

We too have been burning the candle at both ends to complete our spring and summer events and frankly going through the grind to complete submissions is the last thing I want to spend my (or my team’s) time on.


Sponsor Fulfillment – Bringing Order to Chaos (Summer 2015)

German Personality Disorder. It is the affliction many of us have who are part anal retentive, part OCD and highly value organization and productivity.


Obamacare Spells Good RX for Sponsor Seekers (Spring 2014)

Trying to identify the new active sponsor category is always on the mind of those in our line of business.


“You Gotta Know When To Hold ‘Em and When To Fold ‘Em” (Fall 2013)

I have been there! I know the sense of frustration, failure and anxiety I feel when I get down to the final weeks and haven’t met my numbers. You may be surprised by my advice…STOP SELLING!


Knowing Your Value (Summer 2013)

Well that literally is the $20,000 question isn’t it? Determining the correct value for a sponsorship proposal is essential.


The Doctor Is In (Spring 2013)

Some consultants have never done the work for which they are providing advice.


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